Football Betting 101 – Teasers – Expert Strategy for Maximum Value

Betting 101 is not for the experienced bettor.

This series if strictly for people who are brand new to the world of legalized short-term sports futures investing.

So, don’t expect a lot of fancy talk about spreadsheets and variance here. Just tried and tested excuses you can give your girlfriend about why you can’t take her to brunch on Sunday. 

This week, it’s time for teasers…

Betting 101 – Teasers

Teasers are now one of the most popular betting plays for, well, everyone. These can be great if you’ve identified between two and four good plays or when you feel like you’ve got a feel for a few games on the slate.

What Are Teasers…

Teasers are like parlays, where you select more than one spread or Over/Under from the NFL and/or NCAA Football slate. Then all of your selections need to hit in order to win.

There are 3 standard teaser options offered at most online sports books. They are 6, 6.5, and 7-point teasers. Some books also offer a 3-team ‘sweetheart, teaser with 10 points

What makes teasers a great value is that all of your selected lines or totals are moved by 6 points in your favor for a 6 point teaser. Or in a 7 point teaser the lines move by 7 points in your favor, with a small decrease in payout.

For example, in a 6 point teaser, an 8 point favorite becomes a 2 point favorite. Or if you take the 8 point underdog, then you’re inflating the spread up to two full touchdowns for that dog at + 14 points.

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Seven and Three are the Magic Numbers for Teasers

7 and 3 which are the most common point differentials in football. And so a good strategy for teasers is to look for opportunities to move lines across these crucial 7 and 3 point thresholds in your favor.

You can grab a bunch of extra value on your bets each week if your key number strategy is good.

A teaser might be the best play when you’re looking at spreads that are set right around key numbers. For example you can take a team that’s -8 as a favorite down to -2. Now you just crossed both key numbers, 7 and 3.

Teasing the Totals

You can also include over/unders in your teaser bets. So if you’re seeing a particularly low total on the board, like 40, you can reduce the OVER to 34 with a 6 point teaser.

Or adversely you could take a high over/under, say 53 points, and increase the UNDER to 60 points with a 7 point tease.

Pretty good, huh? 

Standard Teaser Payouts

  • 2 Teams (+100)
  • 3 Teams (+180) 
  • 4 Teams (+300) 

6 Point Teaser

6.5 Point Teaser

  • 2 Teams (-110)
  •  3 Teams (+165) 
  • 4 Teams (+265) 

7 Point Teaser

  • 2 Teams (-120) 
  • 3 Teams (+150) 
  • 4 Teams (+240)

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