Daily Fantasy Sports

The legality of Daily Fantasy Sports or “DFS” in the United States is determined on a State by State level.

The present day model of DFS originates from the decades old American past time of season long Fantasy sports. The traditional model of Fantasy Sports involves building a roster of professional athletes, under a salary cap, and competing amongst other participants to earn points based on the performance of their roster in real world competitions.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports – DFS?

Daily Fantasy Sports accelerates the traditional season long model and creates skill based contests over shorter periods of time such as single day or week long periods of time. The contests are funded by participants “Entry Fees” which go towards the contests prize pot. Winners receive a portion of the pot and the DFS operator takes a small portion, also known as a rake. Below is a list of DFS operators in the United States.

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The Best DFS Apps In The United States

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Types of DFS Contests

Gauranteed Prize Pools (GPP): DFS laws require Daily Fantasy operators to establish prize pools up front regardless of the number of entrants. This is the most popular contest type in DFS.

Head To Head (H2H): This type of contest is for single player versus single player competing their selected lineups for a fixed prize pool amount

50/50 (Double Up): A contest in which the top 50% of points earners win half of the prize pool evenly distributed amongst the winners minus the operators rake.

Cash Games: Include H2H or GPP, Cash games are similar to 50/50 in which the prize pool is split to the top 50%

Where are DFS Apps Legal?

This is a questions not so easily answered in the US. The DFS boom started in 2007 just a year after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 was passed. This law which was created as an effort to curb illegal internet gambling but left a very large exclusion or loophole for Fantasy Sports that met specific criteria.

There have been numerous disputes over whether DFS is in fact considered gambling. This has caused each state to take various stances on the issue.

States Where Daily Fantasy Sports are illegal

Some states have made a clear stance that DFS is considered gambling and therefore any operations of such site are considered illegal:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Washington

Other states have produced legal opinions including their interpretation of UIGEA and the Fantasy loophole. Due to these legal opinions providing unclear guidance as to the legality of DFS, most operators avoid the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Idaho
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada

Licensed and Regulated, Legal Daily Fantasy Sports

The following states have fully passed and regulated (approved) Daily Fantasy Sports legislation. The below table highlights the related bill, the date the bill took effect, and summary of the terms of the passed legislation. The highlights section outlines the requirements of participating operators wishing to conduct business in the state.

Since almost all Fantasy operators use Draftkings and FanDuel as the guinea pig before entering a state, we are additionally noting if DK and FD are operating in the market by noting whether major operators are live.

All legislation presented and passed with the intent to include consumer protection protocols. These protocols are established to require operators to ensure consumers are protected and playing responsibly and within their financial limits.

Due to constantly changing regulatory landscape surround DFS, this is simply an informative table and may at times be inaccurate. Please feel free to let us know when anything needs updating. Last Updated 12.26.2019

StateLegislation PassedHighlightsEffective DateMajor Operators Live
AlabamaHB 361-No Collegiate or amateur sports
-$85k Registration Fee for operators with 5,000+ players
-$5,000 Fee for operators with fewer than 5,000 players
– Must be 19 Years Old
ArkansasHB 2250– No Collegiate or Amateur Sports
– No Registration Required by operator
– 8% Tax for revenue generated in the State
ColoradoHB 16-1404– Registration Required
-Minimum Age 18
– Large Operator is 7500+ Customers and requires a license
-Small Operator is Less than 7500 Customers, need only to register
DelawareHB 249-Registration fee: $50,000 and good for 3 years
-15.5% Tax on in-state revenue
– Minimum Age 18
IndianaS 339– Registration Fee is $50,000 (New Applicants)
– Renewal Fee is $5,000
– Minimum Age is 18
– Required Audit every 3 years
IowaSF 617– License required
– $5,000 Fee for operators making over $150,000 Gross Revenue ($1,000 for under)
– 6.75% Tax In-State Revenue
– Minimum Age is 21
KansasHB 2155– Application Fee $1007.1.2015Yes
MaineLD 1320– No College or Highschool Contests
– Registration Fee is 10% of In-State Revenue up to $5,000
– Additional License Fee of $2500 if Gross Revenue greater than $100,000
– Minimum Age is 18
MarylandComptroller Implemented DFS Rules– No College Contests
– $1000 Deposit Max
– Minimum Age is 18
– Operator must identify experienced players
1.2.2017 Yes
MassachusettsH 4569– Minimum Age is 21
– $1000 Deposit Max
– Must Provide Free to Play Site
– Tax structure to be defined
8.10.2016 Yes
MississippiH 967– $5,000 License Fee, 3 year renewal
– 8% Tax on in-state revenue
7.1.2017 Yes
MissouriH 1941– Requires operators to offer beginner only contests
– License required
– $10,000 annual fee or 10% of net revenue from previous year
– 11.5% tax on in-state revenue
– Annual Audit required
– Minimum Age is 18
8.28.2016 Yes
New HampshireHB 580– Registration Required annually
– No registration Fee
– No Tax
– Minimum Age is 18
7.18.2017 Yes
New JerseyA 3532– Must have licensed casino partner or servers located in Atlantic City, NJ
– Registration Required
– Fee Based on Revenue; $5,000-$50,000
– 10.5% tax on in-state revenue
– Minimum age is 18
8.24.2017 Yes
New YorkS 8153– Each Operator must submit a report to the commission June 13th each year
– Registration required with New York State Gaming Commission
– No Fees, 3 year registration
– 15.5% tax on in-state revenue not to exceed $50,000
– Minimum Age is 18
8.3.2016 Yes
OhioH132– License Required
– Fee not to exceed $10,000 per year or $30,000 every 3 years
– Registration Fee based on player count; $3,000-$15,000
– No Tax
12.22.2017 Yes
PennsylvaniaHB 271– Must maintain place of business within the state
– License required, $50,000 Fee
– 5 year license
– 15% tax on gross in-state revenue
10.30.2017 Yes
TennesseeSB 2109– License Required
– Registration Fee $1,000- $75,000
– $300 Application fee
– 6% tax on in-state revenue
– Minimum Age is 18
– Max Deposit limit $2500
– Annual Audit Required

7.1.2016 Yes
VermontS 136– Annual Registration Required
– Registration Fee $5,000
1.1.2018 Yes
VirginiaS 646– Registration Required via Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
– Registration Fee of $8300
– Annual Registration and Audit
– Minimum Age 18
3.7.2016 Yes
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